The "Divi Series" project, introduced here, is a study of over 2000 restitution series antoniniani organized within a database.  The objectives of this research are to: 

In a future second phase of this research, coins of specific dies will be organized, based on die wear, to follow the dies from their initial unworn state and through each stage of wear and thereby shedding light on the inner workings of the mint. 

Because of the large volume of information involved, it has been necessary to write a custom software program to build the die-link trees. Every time a new coin is registered and its dies identified, the new information must be linked into the die-link tree. 

Each inclusion of a new coin to the registry is permanent, and the process of updating the database will continue beyond the publication of this present report.  The results published here, already showing a high degree of reliability, will only improve as progressively more coins are registered.